Working With Difficult Employee Problems

Today’s leader faces a wide array of challenges. Fortunately for most of us we have surrounded ourselves with highly competent and motivated employees. They simply make the job of being “the boss” easier.

Unfortunately there exists with almost every company and/or department a problem employee(s). As a result of the behavior exhibited by this employee the leader finds them self at a loss on how to effectively work with this individual. To complicate matters, the leader is faced with a wide array of federal and state laws which influence and/or govern how he/she can respond to the situation at hand. Often times the leader finds himself/herself facing a conundrum with few/or any workable solutions at hand. As a result, often times little or nothing is done to correct the problem and it gets slowly worse. Uncorrected problematic behavior can quickly influence the rest of the workgroup and the problem compounds itself.

This seminar will assist the leader in finding solutions to his/her difficult employee problems. The process begins by asking three difficult questions.  They are:

How valuable is this employee.

We will work diligently to save a high value employee who is highly skilled and has a solid track record with the company.

How serious is the problem?

Employee problems range from being:

Not Serious           Very Serious             Critical

Some problems we can live with, others must be corrected immediately. The wisdom is in knowing the difference.

  • What is the likelihood the employee can change?

Some employees are “high maintenance.” They consume a considerable amount of the supervisor’s time and energy and often times fail to change, leaving the supervisor  in a quandary.

This seminar will focus on a wide array of difficult employee problems.


  • Angry, explosive and violent employee.
  • When domestic violence follows an employee to work
  • The Workplace Bully.
  • Horseplay in the workplace.
  • The employee with hygiene issues.
  • The Addicted Employee.
  • The employee who abuses sick leave.
  • The workplace evangelist.
  • Dress code (what employees can and can’t wear and why).
  • The workplace, free speech and religion.
  • The borderline sexual harasser.
  • The Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered employees.

The student will discover the seven steps required to modify and eventually change problematic behavior.

It’s important to remember that termination is not the only option available to reform an problem employee. Obtaining change requires courage, hard work, and an understanding of how to modify performance and/or behavior before it’s too late to salvage the employee.


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