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To be an effective leader, you need to have a vision. You might find that “Follow me!”works for a while, but sooner, rather than later, people will start asking, “where are we going?” Vision is one of the essential elements a leader requires. Without a vision, without a sense of direction and a larger purpose, you might get results, but they will be based on the exercise of power rather than a shared set of goals and objectives.

Vision provides meaning to your goal.

~ Ian Jackman, The Leader’s Mentor


Anyone Can Be A Leader.  

Developing out of the notion that leadership can be learned is the idea that everyone has the capacity for leadership, even on a scale. Leadership is not confined just to people with fancy titles. Ina company, it can come from anywhere within that company. For every citizen, there are opportunities to become a leader.

~ Ian Jackman, The Leader’s Mentor

There Are As Many Leadership Styles As There Are Leaders.  

What do leaders actually do when they are leading? How do they lead? The methods of leadership are contained with the style of the individual which vary according to the context of their leadership. Certain styles of leadership provide pointers that you might want to try in your particular circumstances.

~ Ian Jackman, The Leader’s Mentor

Leadership Can Be Learned

There has been substantial debate as to whether leaders are born or made. Another debate has asked whether leaders display any particular character traits that predispose them to leadership. Leadership is taught in institutions as diverse as teachers’ colleges and the armed forces, the latter of which actually stake the lives of their men and women on the notion that the academies can impart leadership skills to recruits. However, no matter how good the teaching, it’s clear that the best training for a leader is to be gained from practice.

~ Ian Jackman, The Leader’s Mentor

Leaders have a vision. 

It is not enough just to order someone to do something. A person in a position of power is not automatically a leader. The resident of a company may be a wholly ineffective leader but an adequate manager. What distinguishes a leader from a manager is vision.

The vision must be clearly articulated and understanding by everyone. Occasionally, other people may project the vision onto the leader, as might be the case with an intellectual leader whose theories attract followers.

~ Ian Jackman, The Leader’s Mentor

Leaders Have Followers.  

By definition, a leader requires followers. Followers are attracted to their leaders for any number of reasons, and they can have a greater or lesser degree of influence over their leaders, but without at least one follower, direct or indirect, a person is not a leader.

~ Ian Jackman, The Leader’s Mentor

Leadership begins with a challenge and an opportunity. 

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