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Subdue Negative Thoughts.

Learn to subdue, to purify, to order all your thoughts. Fight against all negative thoughts and doubts. Let sublime divine thoughts come to you from every side.

Thoughts of depression, failure, weakness, darkness, doubts, fear, etc., are negative thoughts. Cultivate positive thoughts of strength, confidence, courage, cheerfulness. The negative thoughts will disappear.

Fill the mind with divine thoughts, by Japa, Prayer, Dhyana and study of holy books. Be indifferent to all negative and undivine thoughts. They will pass away. Do not struggle with them. Pray to God for strength. Read the lives of saints. Study the Bhagavata and the Ramayana.

All devotees have passed through similar ordeals. So, take heart.

~ Sri Swami Sivananda, Thought Power

The longer the heart and sin converse together, the more familiar they will grow; and then, the stronger the familiarity the harder the separation. Does anyone think he has his heart so in his hand as to say: “Thus far will I sin, and there will I leave off?” Such as one shows, indeed, that he neither understands the nature of sin nor of his heart.

~ William Curtis Stiles, Excuse Me

By establishing a reputation as being a person who always renders more service and better service than that for which you are paid, you will benefit by comparison with those around you who do not render such service, and the contrast will be noticeable that there will be keen competition for your services, no matter what your life-work may be.

~ Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success

THE flesh flatters; the Spirit reproves. The flesh blindly gratifies; the

Spirit wisely disciplines.

The flesh loves secrecy; the Spirit is open and clear.

The flesh remembers the injury of a friend; the Spirit forgives the bitterest enemy.

The flesh is noisy and rude; the Spirit is silent and gracious.

The flesh is subject to moods; the Spirit is always calm.

The flesh incites to impatience and anger; the Spirit controls with patience and serenity.

The flesh is thoughtless; the Spirit is thoughtful.

Hatred, pride, harshness, accusing others, revenge, anger, cruelty, and flatterythese are the works of the flesh.

You can only help others in so far as you have uplifted and purified yourself.

 ~ James Allen, Daily Meditations

You must learn how to compare yourself with your own norms or standards. That means you must be able to look at your background, your education, and your experiences to generally determine how these influences helped create the man you are today. It is the man, that you have to understand and accept.

~ Strickland & Shafe, How to Develop an Attitude for Success

The Art of Personal Efficiency.

To manage others successfully, a man must first manage himself. Personal efficiency is creative self-management. It is not getting ahead of others, but getting ahead of yourself.

It is having the drive to get started on the task at hand. “Life leaps like a geyser,” wrote Alexis Carrel, “for those who drill through the rock of inertia.”

It is experimenting to find the best, easiest and quickest ways of getting things done.

It is putting first things first, doing one thing at a time and developing the art of intensive concentration.

It is breaking big tasks down into their smaller parts, simplifying the complex, finishing the big job one step at a time.

. . .

It is organizing your personal life for efficient living in all the important areas: work, play, love and worship.

It is making time to live for you by making the most of every minute.

~ Wilferd A. Peterson, The Art of Living

When people do not fear death,

There is no use trying to threaten them with death.

If people value their lives, and those who break the law were being executed,

Then who would dare to commit criminal act?

The life and death of all beings are handled by the executioner of Nature.

Those who substitute the nature executioner to kill,

Is like replacing the master carpenter to chop the wood.

One who substitutes the master carpenter to chop the wood,

Rarely does not hurt his hands.

~ Lau Tzu, Tao Te Ching


Communion with God is the way to peace of mind; this means turning to God in prayer and realizing that His Peace and Love are now flowing through your mind and heart. Prayer, or this silent communion with God within you, will change your character. Prayer makes you a different person.

Realize the Wisdom, Love and Peace of God are flowing through the minds and hearts of all concerned; the trouble will dissolve in a wonderful way. “Blessed are the peace makers; for they shall be called the children of God.”


The first step: Realize God is Peace, and that He dwells in the midst of you; then think of that inner peace as yours now. Say quietly several times: “The Peace of God that passeth all understanding now floods my mind and heart.”

The second step: Know that you have in your mind that which you constantly practice. Say frequently during the day, “I know that peace of mind is mine, because I enthrone thoughts of peace, harmony, and goodwill in my mind; I live with these ideas all day long.”

The third step: Read the twenty third Psalm every night; relax the body; say, “I now enthrone in my mind thoughts of peace, love, and goodwill. God is my shepherd, and God’s river of peace flows through me now. I lay me down in peace to sleep; for thou LORD, only maketh me dwell in safety.”

~ Joseph Murphy, How to Use the Power of Prayer

Psalm 23:1-6; NRSV

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside still waters;

He restores my soul. He leads me in right paths For His Name’s sake.

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil;

For you are with me;

Your rod and Your staff – they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, You anoint my head with oil;

My cup overflows.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life. And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord My whole life long.

The Ten Mind Stimuli.

The human mind responds to stimuli, through which it may be “keyed up” to high rates of vibration, known as enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire, etc. The stimuli to which the mind responds most freely are:­

  1. The desire for sex expression
  2. Love
  3. A burning desire for fame, power, or financial gain, money
  4. Music
  5. Friendship between either those of the same sex, or those of the opposite sex
  6. A Master Mind alliance based upon the harmony od two or more people who ally themselves for spiritual or temporal advancement
  7. Mutual suffering, such as that experienced by people who are persecuted
  8. Auto-suggestion
  9. Fear
  10. Narcotics and alcohol

~ Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

Man, in the achievement of a unique gift—a thinking brain capable of weighting stars or atoms—cannot grow that brain in the nine months before birth. It is, moreover, a peculiarly plastic brain, intended to receive impressions from the social world around it. Instinct, unlike the case in the world of animals, is here reduced to a minimum. This brain must grow and learn, be able to profit by experience. In man much of that growth and learning comes after birth. The result is that the human infant enters the world in a peculiarly helpless and undeveloped condition. His childhood is lengthy because his developing brain must receive a large store of information and ways of behavior from the social group into which it is born. It must acquire the complicated tool of speech.

~ Loren Eiseley, An Evolutionist Looks at Modern Man