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January 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

Willpower Assessment

Some people believe that willpower is a muscle, one that is weaker for some people and stronger for others, or it’s like an emotion. But either way, I think we can make it stronger. Just like most exercise programs you need to find your base, where are you at now. Here are a couple of links to determine your willpower level;

Willpower and Self-Control: Do You Need to Improve Your Self-Discipline? (Assessment) http://psychologia.co/willpower-and-self-control-test/

The first willpower assessment my willpower level came in as high. Although I procrastinate on doing things that I consider are in my weak areas, I do have willpower to do things that I see have value in my health and learning journey. But first you need to have a reason, or purpose for doing something, otherwise you may waste your willpower muscle on something that isn’t important.

Willpower Test http://testyourself.psychtests.com/testid/3191

The second willpower test  my overall result was 73. It says that I would be a perfect person others could come to help achieve their resolutions. I guess that’s what a professional coach’s job is, to help others achieve their goals, to help people build, or control, their willpower.

Although I’m sure you don’t need to take an assessment to get an idea on how strong your willpower is, just look at your checking account and your waistline. For me it’s the checkbook, sometimes I can be an impulse buyer, fortunately my impulse buying is usually to learn something. Now I just need the willpower to finish the books, lessons, and activities from the courses I’ve started.

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