October Twenty Fifth Success Secret – James F. Bender

October 25, 2020 — Leave a comment

Ten Commandments for the Leader

  1. Never criticize anyone before others.
  2. Put spoken directions I the form of attractive questions whenever possible.
  3. Train your facial muscles to respond in sympathy to those who speak with you.
  4. Avoid tense, military postures: let your relaxation be contagious, particularly when you chat with subordinates.
  5. Say to yourself many times a day: “I love people; want to see them happy and successful.”
  6. Remember the days when you were on the way up from the bottom rungs of the ladder, and the problems you faced then.
  7. Keep in close touch with your followers and their welfare – on and off the job.
  8. Be available; don’t hide behind your secretary’s skirts.
  9. Stand in the other fellow’s shoes; imagine him in your place.
  10. Ask for guidance and growth and the capacity to understand yourself and others.

Yes, the wish to understand yourself and to understand others – the first leads to the second. You may say, isn’t this the mental side of the isosceles triangle? Of course, understanding depends on thinking as well as temperament. We can agree to call it an attitude more than anything else.

~ James F. Bender, The Technique of Executive Leadership (1950)

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