Workplace Harassment, Incivility/Bullying & Bystander Intervention

With the heightened awareness of harassment happening at ALL LEVELS in an organization, we ask ourselves, “Is it happening where I work.” “Are the employees who I’m entrusted to lead being impacted by harassing behavior from other employees?”

If you don’t hear about it, then it must not be happening, right? Not the case, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace reported in June 2016 that roughly three out of four individuals who experience harassment never even talked to a supervisor, manager or union representative.

The EEOC Task Force stated that traditional harassment training has not worked as a prevention tool, training needs to include group discussions, and not only discuss what inappropriate behavior is, but also what correct workplace behavior is. The training should also cover what to do if you’re being harassed, and what bystanders can do if they see harassment happening.

The new Mastering Leadership Skills Workplace Harassment, Bullying/Incivility, and Bystander Intervention course is a four hour facilitated learning experience that involves participants in the following topics;

  • Harassment – Definition, Types, Statistics And Laws
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Harassment Behaviors Versus Respectful Behaviors
    • The Workplace Bully/Incivility
    • Hostile Work Environment – It’s More Than Harassment
    • Workplace Violence
    • Organizational Policies / Reporting Procedures
  • Bystander Intervention
    • Why Do People Harm Others?
    • Why Bystanders Do Not Act
    • Values And Beliefs That Support And Inhibit Helping
    • How To Be An Active Bystander
    • Recruiting Others
  • Develop Personal Action Plan
    • How And When Can I Use What I Learned Today?

This facilitated workshop can be modified to include your organizations values, applicable harassment policies and reporting procedures. Preferred class size is less than 25 participants to facilitate small group discussions.

As with any investment decision we usually ask ourselves, what’s the return? Statistically, employees who work in a harassment free workplace are more productive and less stressed, with less stress they’re healthier and take less sick days. The investment is a win for the organization in that they develop a culture where people value and respect each other, the supervisors and managers win because they are able to focus on their jobs instead of having to deal with as many “people problems,” and the employees win because they become more engaged by working in culture where they feel respected by their leaders and peers.

With the heightened awareness of harassment occurring nationally, the first step an organization can take to protect themselves from lawsuits is to provide their employees the training that identifies inappropriate behaviors and how to stop them from happening.

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