Using Positive Progressive Discipline

Disciplining employees is considered by most supervisors as a negative and punitive process that is designed to “punish” the employee for unacceptable behavior.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  This module examines the progressive disciplinary process from two perspectives.

First, most of our employees are “good employees” and they want to do a good job. Unfortunately, they may get sidetracked and behave in a manner that is unacceptable. Immediate intervention on the part of the supervisor is the key to reforming this employee and getting them back on track. Sometimes intervention means using progressive discipline.

The second issue is the problem employee. Reforming this individual can become a full-time job. Sometimes it comes down to “If I cannot reform you, then I have no choice but to remove you.” Reforming or removing this employee can become a legal nightmare if not done correctly. This module shows the supervisor how to deal with this type of problem employee from start to finish.  Recognizing that the word “finish” can mean termination.

This module investigates five steps of an effective Progressive Disciplinary Program and how to effectively use it within your organization. It enables the supervisor to use the disciplinary process as a constructive tool for changing employee performance and behavior rather than a punitive process that is designed to punish employees. We will explore the legal challenges supervisors face as they move through these uncharted waters.

This module will explore:

  • The disciplinary interview — how to discipline an employee and maintain a working relationship with that person.
  • When does an oral warning become a written reprimand?
  • When to move to the next step in the progressive process.
  • The key elements of a written reprimand.
  • How to conduct a workplace investigation.
  • How to construct an Evidence File.
  • When to suspend in lieu of termination.
  • The difference between suspension and administrative leave.
  • The Final Warning!


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