The Termination Process (Avoiding a Wrongful Discharge Lawsuit)

Termination of an employee is one of the most difficult tasks a supervisor will ever have to perform.  In today’s world, where litigation is prevalent, it must be done correctly.  There is a maze of laws and legal theories which the Human Resources Department and the supervisor must successfully navigate to bring this process to a successful conclusion.  Therefore, the success or failure of this process begins with the supervisor.  They must have a working knowledge of the company’s Personnel Policy and a general understanding of the legal issues of which the company is faced.

This segment is designed to provide supervisors and managers with the knowledge and skills required to get through the termination process and avoid a wrongful discharge lawsuit. We will explore a wide range of employment issues which must be considered before deciding to terminate a problematic employee. We will examine key issues which when observed, will protect your right to fire and enable you to remove a problem employee.

This seminar will examine:

  • How to protect your right to fire an employee.
  • How to terminate to potentially violent employee and how to ensure your safety in the process.
  • Why sometimes it’s best to suspend before you terminate.
  • What to do when you receive a verbal resignation.
  • How to use “Last Chance Letters” to either reform or remove a problem employee.
  • The best time of day to terminate an employee.
  • How to conduct the termination interview.
  • How and when to collect company property.
  • What do you tell other employees?
  • When the terminated employee begins their job search how do you answer questions from a perspective employer?

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