Lawful, Legal and Effective Interviewing

The key to building a winning team begins with the selection (hiring) interview. Unfortunately this process has become more and more complicated due to existing Federal and State Laws. The selection and hiring process has become a literal legal minefield, strewn with the remains of casualties who did not follow correct selection procedures. Additionally, after the interview, developing reliable information on applicants has become almost an impossible job. Employers are increasingly hesitant to give accurate and reliable reference information.

Is the selection process a lost cause? Far from it! You can be as thorough and detailed as the situation demands. You just have to do it legally! This segment points out critical areas in the interview and selection process that must be observed. It also explores the eight most common hiring mistakes that selecting supervisors make when they set out to hire a new employee. They are:

  • Poor analysis of job functions.
  • Inadequate questioning techniques.
  • Poor analysis of the personality-skill profile.
  • Failure to check references.
  • Inadequate initial screening.
  • Poor utilization of “second opinions.”
  • Inadequate interviewing techniques.

As the seminar continues, the focus shifts to the legal issues employers are confronted with. Specifically:

  • How to avoid “implied contracts.”
  • Interview questions to avoid.
  • Avoiding covenants of good faith.
  • How to legally obtain accurate reference information.
  • State Veterans Preference Laws.
  • ADA and reasonable accommodations.

As the seminar develops the emphasis shifts to “how to ask the right questions” to stay within the law, and determine if the candidate is qualified. The student is given a “smorgasbord” of questioning techniques that will enable the selecting supervisor to obtain the information they are looking for.

Additionally, appropriate emphasis is also placed on setting the proper interview tone and controlling the interview to ensure the applicant is relaxed and prepared to do their best.

This seminar will change forever the way you conduct your selection interviews!


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