Defining Leadership Roles (The Leader As a Linking Pin to Management)

This course explores the fundamental duties and responsibilities of the leader. This discussion enables both the new and experienced leader to clarify what IT” is that Highly Effective Leaders do that other leaders either choose not to do, or are unwilling to do. Leadership is all about the choices we make and taking care of the people that we are entrusted with to lead. This module will explore:

  • How to transition to a position of authority and responsibility.
  • How to develop an appropriate and professional relationship with your employees.

Employees are evaluated based upon their performance and productivity. Leaders are evaluated how well their work unit performs. When an  employee moves from being one of the group – to  being in charge of the group-their focus, and work habits must change.

The transition can be catastrophic if not handled properly. This initial segment targets those issues the new (or experienced) supervisor is confronted with. It identifies specific problem areas and provides key concepts for developing solid working relationships with their supervisor and direct reports.

  • Fundamental leadership “do’s and don’ts.”
  • The relationship between leadership and stewardship.
  • How to use delegation as an employee development tool.
  • ow to build a professional relationship with their direct manager or supervisor.
  • How to sell your supervisor on a new idea.
  • Providing your supervisor with solutions NOT problems.


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