Becoming an Extraordinary Leader

The old belief that “Leaders Are Born Not Made” has finally been laid to rest. Good leaders are developed over a period of many years and leadership development has become a life long process. Unfortunately in today’s world being a “Good Leader” is not enough. Survival today requires “Great Leaders” at every level of the organization.

As the title suggests, Becoming an Extraordinary Leader is designed to help your supervisors and managers develop competencies needed to produce extraordinary results in your organization.

In a world growing increasingly complex, there is an urgent need for leaders at every level and in every organization. The need is for leaders who are prized because of contributions they make to their organizations, the role models they present, and the elevated standards of performance they set. But how do individuals become leaders who are personally humble, yet determined to build stronger organizations? What competencies do they have that enable them to look out- side themselves to position their organizations for long-term growth?

In response to those questions, John H. Zenger and Joseph Folkman. studied, followed, and interviewed literally thousands of leaders and their direct reports. As the data was processed it be- came clear that the traditional role of the leader has changed. Leadership in today’s world is not just about getting the work done, the role of the leader has expanded to include a wide range of technical and interpersonal skills. This seminar is designed to help your leaders to:

  • Link the leader’s leadership style to the results they produce.
  • Develop a flexible leadership style.
  • Identify the strengths that are keys to extraordinary leadership.
  • Focus on improving their strengths.
  • Understand why we willingly follow great leaders.
  • Help them develop an actionable development plan in their journey to extraordinary leadership.
  • Develop competencies that will make a substantial difference in the outcomes they are attempting to produce.
  • Become a leader who is perceived by others as a highly effective leader and who significantly impacts the success of your organization.

This seminar will enable your organization to:

  • Understand that requirements, demands, and expectations of leaders continue to escalate.
  • Rethink the traditional approach to the development of leaders.
  • Enhance corporate/agency success through the contributions of high performance leaders.
  • Retain high performing leaders who contribute to corporate success by increasing productivity, reducing turnover, generating high customer satisfaction, inspiring innovation, and maintaining positive relationships with both external and internal customers and suppliers.

For more information on bring this training to your organization please contact Exploring Leadership Soulutions at 701-527-7416.

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