July Twenty Sixth Success Secret – Napoleon Hill

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Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion.  

Through this and other lessons of the Laws of Success course the student has learned that sense impressions arising out of one’s environment, or from statements or actions of other people, are called suggestions, while sense impressions that we place in our own minds are placed there by self-suggestion, or Auto-suggestion.

All suggestions coming from others, or from environment, influence us only after we have accepted them and passed them on to the sub-conscious mind, through the principle of Auto-suggestion, thus it is seen that suggestion becomes, and most become, Auto-suggestion before it influences the mind of the one receiving it.

Stated in another way, no one may influence another without the consent of the one influenced, as the influencing is done through one’s own power of Auto-suggestion.

The conscious mind stands, during the hours when one is awake, as a sentinel, guarding the sub-conscious mind and warding off all suggestions which try to reach it from the outside, until those suggestions have been examined by the conscious mind, passed upon and accepted. This is Nature’s way of safe-guarding the human being against intruders who would otherwise take control of any mind desired at will.

It is a wise arrangement.

~ Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success (1928)

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