January Ninth Success Secret – Coy Barefoot

January 9, 2018 — Leave a comment

Jeffersonian leadership stands for merit over privilege, free thought against dogma, virtue over greed, and progressive change against convention. Tolerance for the views of others, support for educational opportunities and social mobility, and a determined resolve to cultivate new leadership are also central themes.

  • Are you where you need to be to “be of more use”? Are your skills and talents being put to best use? Is it paying off for you and your family?
  • Leaders don’t wait for others to make their vision a reality. They lead by example, not afraid to do the work and get the ball rolling.
  • Stay focused on the results of your efforts. Don’t be content with rhetoric. A leader is ever hungry for results—getting them, keeping them, and building on them.
  • Your life is made up of a multitude of unique moments offering incredible opportunities. Seize them when the moment is right.
  • Stand your ground in support on the “true principles” in which you believe. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Do not be frightened into their surrender by the alarms of the timid.”
  • Effective leaders seek to influence the actions of others, not dominate them. Infuse the debate and help to craft an agenda that reflects the vision behind your plan.
  • Train your energies and efforts on accomplishing short-term goals that each contribute to a long-term reward.
  • Stay committed to finding the “natural aristocracy”—the best and the brightest—in any organization or team. Call them forward to join you in accepting the mantle of leadership. Refuse to coddle an “artificial aristocracy” that no longer deserves the privileges it enjoys.
  • In whatever venue you find yourself, lead a crusade against ignorance. Improve the opportunities all members of your team have to educate themselves and sharpen their skills.
  • Leadership means being aware that others have personal faiths and beliefs that you may not share and being sensitive to it. That should not prevent people from working together as a team and focusing on worthwhile goals.
  • The nest leaders are those who inspire others with the courage, motivation, and freedom, not to follow, but to become leaders themselves.

~ Coy Barefoot, Thomas Jefferson on Leadership

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