January Eighth Success Secret – Vishen Lakhiani

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Changing a model of reality is a form of growth that often comes from epiphany or insight. It’s a sudden awakening or revelation that shifts a belief. Once you adopt a new model of reality that is superior to an older model, you can’t go back. It’s what happened to me when I moved from seeing work as a job to seeing my work as my calling. Or when someone moves from following a religion to discovering spirituality.

Changing a system for living, on the other hand, is a process change. It’s a step-by-step upgrade of a given process—as when you learn to go from riding a bicycle to driving a car as a means of mobility.

Once you understand the consciousness engineering approach, you can view yourself as a highly tuned operating system ready to install new hardware (models of reality) or new apps (systems for living) when needed. You never get attached to the ones you have because you know newer, better ones are always being discovered.

In short, you view yourself as always ready for change and growth.

~ Vishen Lakhiani, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind


Dave Leingang

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Dave Leingang retired from the United States Navy in 2003 with twenty one years of service. After retiring he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership from the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. A lifelong learner and always looking for a challenge he became a John Maxwell Team Founding Partner in 2011. Dave’s been facilitating leadership classes and mastermind groups to businesses and non-profits for over ten years in both traditional and distant learning classroom.

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