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October 4, 2012 — 2 Comments

Max Dupree stated that a leader’s primary responsibility was to define reality, and I don’t think that’s possible without setting expectations. What does the leader expect reality look like?You Deserve It Gold Trophy Reward Recognition

It becomes more complicated when the individuals helping the leader reach that reality to have different levels of expectations for every action that goes into achieving that reality /goal.  Everyone has different values and experience that set their own expectations for how they intend to maintain those values.

The leader also needs to outline the ethical reality/expectations for the employees. Most organizations call these “values.” But if the leaders are not living the values themselves, then the employees think that they don’t have to follow them.

If the leader doesn’t address the ethical portion of reality, will the employees set their expectations to achieve that vision at all costs?

Have you seen leaders who haven’t lived up to the company’s values and think that they are entitled to more than the lower ranked employees? I always question someone’s character when they move into a new position and expect that they are entitled to more privileges.

Now don’t get me wrong. I believe that as you go farther up the corporate ladder you should have more resources to help you do a better job. But does that include a personal chef and massive salaries, while others are taking pay and benefit cuts?

It all comes down to an individual’s values and expectations.  If I value myself more than others I’ll expect more privileges then what others receive.

Do expectations equal entitlements? If you have high expectations for something then do you believe you are entitled to do something to meet that expectation, even if it breaks the law?

Some people expect the government to take care of them. Why is that? The government didn’t bring them into this world. The philosophy of the wealthy taking care of the poor is rooted into America’s history, it started with the founding fathers.

Benjamin Franklin believed that it was his duty as a human being to give back, that’s why he never patented his inventions. He viewed it as his donation back for what he received.

George Washington didn’t expect his solders to spend the winter in Valley Forge by themselves, he stayed with them. He could’ve went back to his plantation and spent the winter in comfort.

A number of wealthy American Patriots lost everything, even their lives in order to bring about a better life for others. Now we have wealthy American’s who manipulate others so that they can make more money. Isn’t it strange that the word entitlement wasn’t first used until 1942, I bet  a politician came up with it.

It seems like when your expectation for self exceeds your current entitlements then you complain, break the law, or harm others in order to meet your own personal level of expectations.

How do you change your expectations?

You need to review your values and habits. If you’re unhappy where you are today, it’s linked to what you believe in and what are your monthly, weekly, and daily habits are.

In order to improve your lot in life the first value you need to look at is yourself.

  • Do you value yourself more than others? If so you may want to think about developing a habit of volunteering to help others
  • Do your expectations exceed your contributions? If you fail to change this mind set than I believe you will never be happy. This is how people end up in prison, they want more then they want to contribute.
  • Do you feel that you are entitled to special treatment because you just received a promotion? Try focusing on your new responsibilities instead, the people who work for you and meeting their expectations.

What’s really strange is that once you start giving more and expecting less, with time, you get more. Why is that? I guess what comes around goes around.

How do you set your own expectations, and do you like rewarding yourself for something you did, or are going to do?

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2 responses to Expectations < = > Entitlements

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