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The Gallup organization tracks worker engagement levels and recently reported that it went from 31.7 to 32%. This means 68% of people are disengaged at work, all I can say is WOW.

The majority of the United States employees are not fully engaged and the question starts with why?

Is the work environment that bad, boring, or does the American employee just lack passion for what they do and who is responsible for raising a workers engagement level?

Having went through periods of what I consider as being disengaged from work I started to think how I pulled myself out of that disengaged and unproductive behavior. Here are some tips to consider;

Wake up motivated. You need to do something in the morning that you look forward to getting out of bed for instead of lying there hitting the snooze button time after time. I think the key is to find something to do that adds value to you, exercise, read, journal, pray, plan and/or meditate. Hal Elrod wrote a book called “The Miracle Morning” that encompasses all of those activities in just one hour.

Organize and prioritize your daily tasks. What are the key things you need to get done today? Figure out what the big rocks are and just eat the frog (get the hard stuff done first). I know that if I set deadlines for specific task completion I’ll focus better. If you’re having problems focusing on your work then try out this website that plays great non-verbal music which helps your brain stay more focused on what you’re working on. (Although I’m listening to some blues music as I write this.) Here’s a link to Focus@Will if you’re interested.

Take breaks to reset yourself. Once you finish a task take a break. If you worked on something intensely for 60 minutes then take a break before you tackle your next project. I would recommend at least 5 to 15 minutes. Get up and move around, go for a walk, use the bathroom or get another cup of coffee or glass of water. One of the options with the Focus@Will program is you can set time limits to the music so you know you’re on a time limit and helps you focus because you have a deadline to meet.

Listen to motivating people. As Jim Rohn said, “You’re only as average as the five closest people to you,” which means if you hang out with disengaged and complaining people you may just become one. Find the 32 percent of employees who are engaged and talk with them and make sure you’re putting positive information in your head, not negative. If you feel like you need to stay abreast on the world then do it in the evening instead of hearing about all of the bad things going on and knowing that you have no power to help.

Find a reason why you make a difference. Everyone needs some passion in their life, without it we just become drifters who just accept life. People who know why they make a difference will want to impact those around them. Find out what your passion is and pursue it. If you have to work that boring job do it with enthusiasm because it may be what puts food on the table, but you still need to put food in your soul.

There you have it, I couple of thoughts to help you raise your engagement levels, not only at work, but in your life also.

Thanks for reading,