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Ask people their opinions, to help build their self-confidence.

Ask them for favors, to arouse their cooperativeness.

Answer their question by turning it back on them.

Ask them “and, in addition to that?” to get to the bottom of things.

Try giving orders in the form of questions to keep cooperation.

Make suggestions to the boss in the form of questions.

Ask questions that will let people talk themselves into a cooperative attitude.

Ask Questions to win cooperation.

~ Donald and Eleanor Laird, The Technique of Handling People (1943)

Applied psychology is not inspirational at its source. It is scientific. But that does not imply that it is lacking in inspirational value. There is nothing more inspiring and stimulating than the laboriously unfolded truths about the workings of the human mind, its limitations, and its almost limitless possibilities. Inspiration that is founded on the cold facts of science possesses a double value. It is inspiration that is within possibility, not the inspiration that is beyond realization and which brings only disappointment and failure.

You have your desk and your office equipped with efficiency-increasing appliances. You put attachments on your car that increase its efficiency. Here is a personal question: Have you given as much attention to your personal mental efficiency? Are you laying your mental bricks with eighteen movements or with five?

~ Dr. Donald Laird, Increasing Personal Efficiency (1936)

In theory training we said “When seeking an answer, act as if the answer already exists.” This was sound advice because the answers do exist if you keep the computer warm, and you keep your hands off. This means that worry keeps the mechanism from functioning properly. It means that getting depressed lowers the temperature. It means anxiety and pressure draw a blank. We need to learn to live warmly and cheerfully, ideas will become more abundant. These ideas help you to establish clear cut goals. Let your guidance system take over. It can be medically established that there is stored in your computer mechanism a vivid recollection of everything you ever did, every successful outcome, every appropriate move, every gainful feeling. These feelings are yours to use if you learn how to operate your computer. If you can draw on the vast stores of information about yourself and life, you can bring many impressions together into a clear, vivid and believable picture. Once you can see yourself as successful the guidance system will guide you to the fulfillment of that picture.

~ Strickland & Shafe, How to Develop an Attitude for Success (1969)

Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion.  

Through this and other lessons of the Laws of Success course the student has learned that sense impressions arising out of one’s environment, or from statements or actions of other people, are called suggestions, while sense impressions that we place in our own minds are placed there by self-suggestion, or Auto-suggestion.

All suggestions coming from others, or from environment, influence us only after we have accepted them and passed them on to the sub-conscious mind, through the principle of Auto-suggestion, thus it is seen that suggestion becomes, and most become, Auto-suggestion before it influences the mind of the one receiving it.

Stated in another way, no one may influence another without the consent of the one influenced, as the influencing is done through one’s own power of Auto-suggestion.

The conscious mind stands, during the hours when one is awake, as a sentinel, guarding the sub-conscious mind and warding off all suggestions which try to reach it from the outside, until those suggestions have been examined by the conscious mind, passed upon and accepted. This is Nature’s way of safe-guarding the human being against intruders who would otherwise take control of any mind desired at will.

It is a wise arrangement.

~ Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success (1928)

Subdue Negative Thoughts.

Learn to subdue, to purify, to order all your thoughts. Fight against all negative thoughts and doubts. Let sublime divine thoughts come to you from every side.

Thoughts of depression, failure, weakness, darkness, doubts, fear, etc., are negative thoughts. Cultivate positive thoughts of strength, confidence, courage, cheerfulness. The negative thoughts will disappear.

Fill the mind with divine thoughts, by Japa, Prayer, Dhyana and study of holy books. Be indifferent to all negative and undivine thoughts. They will pass away. Do not struggle with them. Pray to God for strength. Read the lives of saints. Study the Bhagavata and the Ramayana.

All devotees have passed through similar ordeals. So, take heart.

~ Sri Swami Sivananda, Thought Power

The longer the heart and sin converse together, the more familiar they will grow; and then, the stronger the familiarity the harder the separation. Does anyone think he has his heart so in his hand as to say: “Thus far will I sin, and there will I leave off?” Such as one shows, indeed, that he neither understands the nature of sin nor of his heart.

~ William Curtis Stiles, Excuse Me

By establishing a reputation as being a person who always renders more service and better service than that for which you are paid, you will benefit by comparison with those around you who do not render such service, and the contrast will be noticeable that there will be keen competition for your services, no matter what your life-work may be.

~ Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success

THE flesh flatters; the Spirit reproves. The flesh blindly gratifies; the

Spirit wisely disciplines.

The flesh loves secrecy; the Spirit is open and clear.

The flesh remembers the injury of a friend; the Spirit forgives the bitterest enemy.

The flesh is noisy and rude; the Spirit is silent and gracious.

The flesh is subject to moods; the Spirit is always calm.

The flesh incites to impatience and anger; the Spirit controls with patience and serenity.

The flesh is thoughtless; the Spirit is thoughtful.

Hatred, pride, harshness, accusing others, revenge, anger, cruelty, and flatterythese are the works of the flesh.

You can only help others in so far as you have uplifted and purified yourself.

 ~ James Allen, Daily Meditations

You must learn how to compare yourself with your own norms or standards. That means you must be able to look at your background, your education, and your experiences to generally determine how these influences helped create the man you are today. It is the man, that you have to understand and accept.

~ Strickland & Shafe, How to Develop an Attitude for Success

The Art of Personal Efficiency.

To manage others successfully, a man must first manage himself. Personal efficiency is creative self-management. It is not getting ahead of others, but getting ahead of yourself.

It is having the drive to get started on the task at hand. “Life leaps like a geyser,” wrote Alexis Carrel, “for those who drill through the rock of inertia.”

It is experimenting to find the best, easiest and quickest ways of getting things done.

It is putting first things first, doing one thing at a time and developing the art of intensive concentration.

It is breaking big tasks down into their smaller parts, simplifying the complex, finishing the big job one step at a time.

. . .

It is organizing your personal life for efficient living in all the important areas: work, play, love and worship.

It is making time to live for you by making the most of every minute.

~ Wilferd A. Peterson, The Art of Living