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Powers of Thought—Their Value. 

If you have a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the thought-vibrations, if you know the technique of controlling the thoughts, if you know the method of transmitting beneficial thoughts to others at a distance by forming clear-cut well-defined powerful thought waves, you can use this thought power a thousand fold more effectively. Thought works wonders.

A wrong thought binds. A right thought liberates. Therefore, think rightly and attain freedom. Unfold the occult powers hidden within you by understanding and realizing the powers of the mind. Close your eyes. Slowly concentrate. You can see distant objects, hear distant sounds, send messages to any part not only of this world, but of the other planets as well, heal persons thousands of miles off from you and move about to distant places in no time.

Believe in the powers of the mind. Interest, attention, will, faith and concentration will bring the desired fruit. Remember that mind is born of the Atman through His Maya or Illusory Power.

~ Sri Swami Sivananda, Thought Power

Do the very best you can; and then put up your old umbrella and keep the rain of criticism from running down the back of your neck.


~ Dale Carnegie, How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

LET the tempted one know this: that he himself is both tempter and tempted; that all his enemies are within; that the flatterers which seduce, the taunts which stab, and the flames which burn, all spring from that inner region of ignorance and error in which he has hitherto lived; and knowing this, let him be assured of complete victory over evil. When he is sorely tempted, let him not mourn, therefore, but let him rejoice in that his strength is tried and his weakness exposed. For he who truly knows and humbly acknowledges his weakness will not be slow in setting about the acquisition of strength.

 He who cannot fearlessly face his lower nature cannot climb the rugged heights of renunciation.


~ Daily Meditations, Daily Meditations

Attitude and Behavior. 

In looking at leadership style the focus is on behavior. There is a distant difference behavior and attitude. Behavior is what leaders say and do. An attitude is a feeling, value, or concern for or against something. It is a person’s behavior that will evoke a response in someone else.

It is difficult to predict a behavior from an attitude. People who have similar attitudes or value sets about something may engage in a variety of different behaviors. For example, people who have a high concern for the problems in urban areas can act in different ways. Some avoid the issues altogether. Others provide sympathy and encouragement. Still others get activity involved and provide direction and guidance in an attempt to make changes. The same high concern evoked different behaviors. It is the behavior of people that impacts others, not their attitudes.

It is important for leaders, whether they be managers, leaders, or parents, to have a high concern for both end results and people. In order to capitalize on this high concern, a variety of leadership styles are needed to adapt to the different situations or problems a leader faces.


~ Dr. Paul Hersey, The Situational Leader

Tao exists in one’s own true self.

It cannot be found outside of one’s true nature.

Hence, there is no need to leave the house to take journey in order to know the world.

There is no need to look outside of the window to see the nature of Tao.

The further one departs from Tao, the less one will be able to know.

Therefore a saint is wise to know without seeking for It.

He is wise to understand without seeing It.

He is wise to accomplish according to the Natural Way.


~ Lau Tzu, Tao Te Ching

There are actually three social maps—three theories of determinism widely accepted, independently or in combination, to explain the nature of man. Genetic determinism basically says your grandparents did it to you. That’s why you have such a temper. Your grandparents had short tempers and it’s in your DNA. It just goes through the generations and you inherited it. In addition, you’re Irish, and that’s the nature of Irish people.

Psychic determinism basically says your parents did it to you. Your upbringing, your childhood experience essentially laid out your personal tendencies and your character structure. That’s why you’re afraid to be in front of a group. It’s the way your parents brought you up. You feel terribly guilty if you make a mistake because you “remember” deep inside the emotional scripting when you were very vulnerable and tender and dependent. You “remember” the emotional punishment, the rejection, the comparison with somebody else when you didn’t perform as well as expected.

Environmental determinism basically says your boss is doing it to you—or your spouse, or that bratty teenager, or your economic situation, or national policies. Someone or something in your environment is responsible for your situation.

Each of these maps is based on the stimulus/response theory we most think of in connection with Pavlov’s experiments with dogs. The basic idea is that we are conditioned to respond in a particular way to a particular stimulus.


~ Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

GOOD ATTITUDES YIELD BETTER RESULTS. Martin Seligman, PhD, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology and author of Learned Optimism, screened 15,000 newly hired salespeople at MetLife using a test he developed to measure optimism levels, and then followed their performance for three years. The salespeople who scored in the top 10 percent for optimism performed a whopping 88 percent better in sales than the reps in the top 10 percent for pessimism. Dr. Seligman found that the power of optimism held in other professions, too. He concluded that in general, optimistic salespeople performed an impressive 20 to 40 percent better than pessimistic salespeople.


~ Vishen Lakhiani, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

There are two kinds of knowledge. One is general, the other is specialized. General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money. The faculties of the great universities possess, in the aggregate, practically every form of general knowledge known to civilization. Most of the professors have but little or no money. They specialize on teaching knowledge, but they do not specialize on the organization or the use of knowledge.

Knowledge will attract money, unless it is organized, and intelligently directed, through practical plans of action, to the definite end of accumulation of money. Lack of understanding of this fact has been the source of confusion to millions of people who falsely believe that “knowledge is power.” It is nothing of the sort! Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and of, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.

~ Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

Do nothing to make you lose respect for yourself, or to cheapen yourself in your own eyes. Let your own integrity be the standard of rectitude, and let your own dictates be stricter than the precepts of any law. Forego the unseemly, more because of outer authority. Learn this fear of yourself, and there will then be no need for that imaginary monitor of Seneca.

~ Baltasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

A Stunning Landscape Portrait.

Broadcast news professionals work for years on their voice. You don’t have to. In fact, five simple techniques will help you significantly improve your delivery style for your next meeting, speech, pitch, or presentation. Adopt these techniques to turn your next presentation into a broadcast quality event.

  1. Tone It Up
  2. Pick Up the Pace
  3. Pause…for Impact
  4. Punch Key Words
  5. Cross your Ts

~ Carmine Gallo, 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators