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The Art of Adventure

A man practices the art of adventure when he heroically faces up to life . . . When he says, like Frank Crane: “My soul is a Columbus; and not watery wastes, nor glooming mysteries . . . shall send me back, nor make me cry ‘Enough!’”

When he has the daring to open doors to new experiences and to step boldly forth to explore strange horizons.

When he is unafraid of new ideas, new theories and new philosophies.

When he has the curiosity to experiment . . .  to test and try new ways of living and thinking.

When he refuses to seek safe places and easy tasks and has, instead, the courage to wrestle with the toughest problems and difficulties.

When he valiantly accepts the challenge of mountain-top tasks and glories in a job well done.

When he concludes that a rut is only another name for a grave and that the only way to stay out of ruts is by living adventurously and staying vitally alive every day of his life.

~ Wilferd A. Peterson, The Art of Living

A life of perfect peace and blessedness by means of self-government and self-enlightenment.

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Thousands of men and women carry inferiority complexes with them all through life, because some well-meaning, but ignorant person destroyed their confidence through “opinions” and ridicule.

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The evident lessons of our study are two—first, human failure; second, Divine progress. Look where you will in human history, you find failure. The Fall and the Flood, Corruption and the Cross. Every time humanity is put upon a new footing it fails. Has God failed? Not once; everything has been preparatory and progressive. Let us retrace our steps. The Cross and all that it means was prepared for throughout Judaic history. This one nation of Israel learned, through battle and smoke, murmuring and forgiveness, captivity and deliverance, the great truth that there is but one God

~ G. Campbell Morgan, God’s Methods With Man (1898)

Ask Questions to Win Cooperation

This is a positive book. We are interested in what people should do to be better leaders of others—and of themselves. The wrong things we shall mention seldom. It’s better to keep our minds on the best ways. From time to time, however, it is wise to give passing mention to possible pitfalls. In asking questions, for instance:

Don’t pry into personal affairs.

Don’t ask questions unless you are pretty certain the person addressed can answer them.

Don’t ask questions that seem to cross-exam.

Don’t ask questions to show off yourself—ask those that help the other fellow show off.

~ Donald A. Laird , The Technique of Handling People (1943)

Seldom is the head right when the heart is amiss. A rotten heart will be ever and anon sending up evil thoughts into the mind, as marshy and fenny grounds do foggy mists into the air, that both darken and corrupt it. As a man’s taste, when some malignant humor affects the organ, savoreth nothing aright, but deems sweet things bitter and sour things pleasant, so, where any domineering lust has made itself master of the heart, it will so blind and corrupt the judgement that it shall not be able to discern good from evil, or truth from falsehood.

~ William Curtis Stiles, Excuse Me (1898)

A faithful Tao cultivator does not use force.

A good warrior does not lose his temper.

A great conqueror does not challenge others.

A good leader is humble.

This is called the virtue of peace with no contention.

This is also regarded as competence to make good use of the effort of people.

Such is regarded as achieving harmony with nature.

Such is the perfect Oneness of true nature.

~ Lau Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Choose an occupation that brings distinction. Most things depend upon the satisfaction they give others.  Appreciation is to talent what the west wind is to the flowers: breath and life itself. There are occupations which enjoy public and life itself. There are occupations which enjoy public acclaim, and there are others, even though more important, which receive no recognition. The former, because done in the sight of everybody, win popular favor. The latter, even though they possess more of the rare and the worthy, remain unnoticed because done in obscurity. They may be venerated, but they receive no approbation. Among princes, it is the victorious who are celebrated. It is for this reason that the victorious who are celebrated. It is for this reason that the kings of Aragon are so highly honored as warriors, conquerors, and great men. Let the man of gifts find himself a place thus prized, where all may see him and all may play a part with him. Then will the voice of the people hold him immortal.

~ Baltasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Develop Individuality: Resist Suggestions.

Do not be easily influenced by the suggestions of others. Have your own sense of individuality. A strong suggestion, though it does not influence the subject immediately, will operate in due course. It will never go in vain.

We all live in a world of suggestions. Our character is daily modified unconsciously by association with others.

We unconsciously imitate the actions of those whom we admire. We daily absorb the suggestions of those with whom we come in daily contact. We are acted upon by these suggestions. A man of weak mind yields to the suggestions of a man of strong mind.

The servant is always under the influence of the suggestions of his master. The wife is under the influence of the suggestions of her husband. The patient is under the influence of the suggestions of the doctor. The student is under the influence of the teacher.

Custom is nothing but the product of suggestion. The dress that you put on, the manners, the behaviour and even the food that you eat are all the outcome of suggestions only.

Nature suggests in various ways. The running rivers, the shining sun, fragrant flowers, the growing trees, are all incessantly sending you suggestions.

~ Sri Swami Sivananda, Thought Power

Man is not only a creature, he is a creator. Man has the same kind of guidance system as a plant or animal, but the system cannot function properly until man sets a goal. But man has to choose, or create the goal. It is not given to him. He must decide upon one. That is why there are such incredibly diverse human vocations. It is for the same reason that there are so many meaningless lives. Many people never set a goal. Their hope is too weak. Their self-images do not rally include their being successful, and their machinery never gets a chance to function.

Man has the same success mechanism to succeed as a human being, as a rosebush has to succeed as a plant. We are obviously made to think, to act, to carry out, to perform, and to create. We are obviously programmed by the Creator to succeed. We can easily determine that each of us has the automatic creative guidance system composed of a brain and nervous system and that it works like any other servo-mechanism, guidance mechanism, or computer. The system is a machine which you the human operator have to work for you or against you.

To grossly over-simplify the complexity of your mind’s functions, let us say the mechanism performs two major activities: (1) It keeps you on target, (2) it stores and gives you answers when you need them.

~ Strickland & Shafe, How to Develop an Attitude for Success